Sea Ivory

Sea Ivory is the only artistic craft entreprise in the world to create jewels from sea ivory.

Sturgeon ivory comes from the recuperation of the black sturgeon scales that Mr. Senécal gets from the fishermen of the south coast of the St-Laurent river, region of Montmagny, in the province of Quebec, Canada. They sell the flesh of the fish on the local market. This ivory has the same crystalline structure as walrus or elephant tusk (Certified by Quebec Laval University).

Pationately fond of the sea and its bounty, he discovered a way to recycle the scale of the sturgeon fish.

The sturgeon is a prehistoric fish of 250 million years old, whose regulated fishing is allowed only in this particular area of the Saint Laurent river (60% of the world fishing). There are 100 scales on a sturgeon. In fact, the sturgeon scales are called « dermal plates» and form on the fish a protection against predators, which permitted the survival of the fish without any change on his physionomy.

Sturgeon ivory sculptor for 30 years, André Senécal, originally from Montreal, has developped this special technique while living In Gaspesie.

The artist has the gift to transform this nobel matter of the sea. An unsuspected treasure; a unique jewel.

Maëlle Savard, marketing advisor for Sea Ivory

Member of Conseil des métiers d'arts du Québec